What is Buah Merah Mix Juice for?

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Buah Merah

Stay on top with the latest scientific discovery to help you achieve your health goals.It’s the magical red fruit that is taking the healthy industry by storm, Buah Merah.  This super-charged immune system booster will strengthen your body and boost your natural healing. The essence of this miracle fruit has been condensed into the Buah Merah Mix by Essensa Naturale.

Buah Merah is a plant in the pandan family, indigenous to Papua, Indonesia. Its name means “Red Fruit” and it is found in all Papua regions, from the vast mountains of Jayawijaya to Jayapura, Manokwari, Nabire and Ayamaru Sorong. The plant grows as tall as 16 meters into the sky with a large trunk as thick as five to six meters. The fruit looks like a giant piece of corn or carrot.

It is traditionally prepared by splitting the fruit in half, wrapping it in leaves, and cooking it in an earth clay oven.  The buah merah’s restorative properties have been used by Papuans for ages as a skin and eye medicine, and the latest scientific research has shown that it is uncommonly effective at strengthening your body and helping you fight off a lot of common diseases ailing today’s world.


With its primary role as an immune system booster, you can be sure that buah merah can help you stave off the big one: AIDS. The cure for AIDS has remained elusive to pharmaceutical scientists, with the best treatment being the creation of a cocktail of anti-retroviral drugs that lower the amount of the HIV virus in your system, keeping your condition manageable as long as you keep taking the drugs.

But the case of Agustina Sawery, an AIDS sufferer whose body was ravaged by the disease to the point that she weighed only 60 pounds, went on a regimen of buah merah mix under the supervision of Dr. I Made Budi back in 2004. Over the course of five months, Agustina’s body slowly fought off the disease and recovered 45 pounds. Damage to her anal tissue, heart and lungs healed up, and the fungal infection in her mouth also got better. The Caroten and Beta Caroten content of buah merah supercharged her immune system to defeat the disease naturally.  The antioxidants in the fruit converted structures of proteins the virus needed to survive and proliferate; with these changed the virus simply starved and died out of her system.


Buah merah also has high amounts of tocopherol, a free radical antioxidant which slows down aging, enhances fertility, and fights off cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Cancer cells are the result of the body’s aging, incorrectly replacing your body’s cells at a rate that is abnormal, creating unhealthy tissue beyond that needed by the body.

Unlike regular cancer treatments which seek to destroy the cancer tumors directly with destructive radiation, buah merah helps you manage cancer through tocopherol and a high Omega-3 content, acting as anti-oxidants and giving your immune system a boost to prevent the reproduction of cancer cells.  It’s notably effective in treating breast cancer.


The metabolic illness that triggers in people from excessive amounts of blood sugar and an insulin deficiency is a deadly disease, and treating it requires keeping the body’s blood sugar levels at manageable levels.

The Type II Diabetes illness that afflicts many people in today’s world can be treated by buah merah with the high Vitamin E and tocopherol content. The tocopherol stimulates the pancrease and helps return the body’s insulin production to regular levels, allowing you to reduce the level of sugar in your blood naturally. A proper diet supplemented with buah merah is incredibly effective in treating this dreaded disease.

These are but a few of the huge benefits of the buah merah fruit, which you can reap with our Buah Merah Mix. The boost to your immune system has been shown to readily improve our conditions including osteoporosis, eye disease, high cholesterol, hepatitis, and even lupus. You’ll also feel much better day to day, with more energy for your life, a sharper mind, and even increased libido and fertility.

Stay here on our site to learn more about this magical fruit, and order your own Buah Merah Mix today. It’ll be the best investment in your life you’ll ever make.